Garden redesign tips

Are You Looking To Redesign Your Garden?

How to effectively plan a garden redesign

Trying to determine the best layout for your garden can be tricky if you aren’t sure where plant flowers and which work best side by side. But re-designing your garden is an exciting prospect. Do you wish you had somewhere to sit, relax, entertain or let the children play? But where do you start? We’ve compiled some helpful tips to get you started!

Where do I start?

Good landscaping starts with good research. Gather inspiration by visiting garden centres, public gardens and garden shows. You could even visit a neighbours garden that you’ve been admiring. Always keep in mind the size of your garden and think about what you need your garden to do for you. Then take to the drawing board with sketches of your ideas and make mood boards from magazines and Pinterest of your dream garden

What do I need to consider when first planning?

– Walls and boundaries
– Hedges and fencing
– Paths and patios
– Lawns
– Water features
– Zoning areas (dining, playing, shade)
– Planting: trees, shrubs, pots

Next you need to consider your plot. Look carefully at the shape and size and take into consideration the direction it faces, the surrounding landscape and the style of your house. Pay attention to all areas, and remember that balance is a strong aspect of good design, and that plants and shrubs will change size and shape throughout the seasons.
Hard landscaping styles are a plenty, from rustic to modern. Hard landscaping tends to be the star of contemporary designs, with a wide range of materials available to use (metal, mirror, concrete and painted walls), but there is nothing stopping you mixing these mediums into a herbaceous garden.


What landscaping materials will I need?

Select your materials with care, and always check the quantity and condition upon delivery. Some common landscaping materials are:
– Bricks
– Timber and decking
– Paving and block paving
– Resin bound gravel
– Concrete
– Exterior paints

Make sure you have factored in waste removal (skip hire for example).


Do I need planning permission?

Yes, if you intend to build walls over 1m by a road, or 2m elsewhere.
If you intend to have resin bound gravel installed, you do not need planning permission as it is SuDS compliant, however any impermeable paving needs planning permission.


Which plants should I choose?

A good selection of flowers, trees and shrubs will create year round interest for your garden. Spend some time getting to know your soil and aspect in terms of sun, shade and exposure.
To create structure invest in larger hedging and trees. To inject some colour spend money on bedding plants and bulbs.
Potted flowers and plants are a great option for adding easy colour and are easy to move meaning you can change your design when the mood suits you!