How to install artificial grass

If you’ve brought your artificial grass from us down at our Milton Keynes warehouse, then you may be wondering what the best way is to install your artificial grass yourself!

How to install artificial grass - an 8 point guide

Step 1 – Excavation 

Remove 85mm of soil from the finished final level

How to lay artificial grass step 1
How to lay artificial grass step 2

Step 2 – Weed Membrane 

Cover the area with a weed membrane. We recommend a white, non-woven geo-textile weed barrier to prevent growth of weeds from below.

Step 3 – Concrete Plinth 

Create a concrete plinth all the way around the edge of the garden, including any flower beds inside the fitting area. The plinth should be around 85mm high and 75mm wide. Make sure the top of the plinth is flat, smooth and consistent as this is where you or your installer will glue the grass to once the base is prepared. A brick edge can also be used.

How to install artificial grass step 3
How to install artificial grass step 4

Step 4 – Sub Base 

Fill the area with hardcore to a depth of 75mm then compact using a vibration plate

Step 5 – Top level ready for laying 

Level off the top using a granite dust or sharp sand and again compact down.

How to install artificial grass step 5
how to lay artificial grass step 6

Step 6 – Fitting and securing 

Lay the artificial grass over the base, brush the pile withe a stiff broom or power brush if available. Trim to shape around the perimeter. Cut in flower beds or obstacles and then resin stick to the concrete plinth. (If the concrete is slightly wet, don’t worry the resin will work and when it dries it will pull even more tension onto the grass).

Step 7 – Joining

If you need to join the artificial grass make sure all the edges are secured first to stop any movement. Make sure you cut the grass so you leave a shelf on one side for the glue to stick. Use adhesive and joining tape specifically made for artificial grass seaming.

How to lay artificial grass step 7
How to install artificial grass step 8

Step 8 – Final checks

Check over the lawn removing all debris and waste

Artificial grass maintenance

Every 12 months power brush the lawn with a 12 inch motorised power brush, this does three things;

  • It stands the grass back up so it looks like new
  • Thoroughly cleans the grass from top to bottom
  • Removes all loose material at the base of the grass

Before you use a power brush, make sure the grass is glued or fixed securely, otherwise the power of the brush will lift the edges. If the material at the base of the grass is not cleaned, the small holes in the base of the sward become blocked and do not allow water to perculate. This is in turn leads to moss growth and defeats the object of an artificial grass lawn. If you can hire a ‘Billy Goat’ (outdoor hoover) this will suck up all the loose debris and leave your lawn looking like new.

SUDs compliant

No need for planning permission!

Simple to install

Follow our simple 8 step installation process and have your own professional looking artificial grass lawn!

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