Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

One of our most frequently asked questions is whether or not our artificial grass is dog friendly. Our artificial grass is very safe for dogs because it does not include any harmful chemicals. We find that dogs love our artificial grass just as much as our customers do! In fact, it can make playing outdoors a lot easier for smaller dogs who find it a bit hard to run through long grass.

The extra advantage about having artificial grass alongside pets is that you don’t have to worry about them digging holes or running through the house with muddy paws. Artificial grass is held into place with strong edging and joining and would be hard for pets to dig up.

Dogs can use artificial grass to go to the toilet just like they would use normal grass. The grass allows liquids to drain through (the same as rainwater would). You can also purchase turf cleaner to avoid any smells left in the grass from pets.

If you are fed up of having yellow patches all over your lawn caused by your dog – switching to artificial grass can be a great alternative. Also, no need to keep mowing the lawn, so more time spent relaxing with yours pets by your side! 


Is it okay to jet-wash artificial grass?

Yes – it is okay to jet wash artificial grass however it shouldn’t be necessary. You can use turf cleaning products instead to save money or use less water.


Do I need to worry about fleas living in artificial grass?

Good news – fleas and ticks can’t survive in artificial grass, so you don’t need to worry about your dog enjoying your new garden!


What type of artificial grass should is best for pets?

Shorter grass is better for dogs, ideally between 24mm-35mm. Denser grass is preferred, over 16,000 stitches per square metre. If you are unsure, take a look at the spec sheets on our products for more information.


Did you know – some dogs are allergic to grass just like humans which can cause them to have itchy skin and eyes. Artificial grass can be a great, non-allergenic solution to this.