Resin bound gravel benefits

What are the benefits of resin bound gravel?

Resin bound surfaces have been growing in popularity over the last few years due to their many great benefits over traditional surfacing like block paving and concrete. Resin driveways are a great alternative for both commercial and domestic situations.


Durable driveway 

Resin bound driveways are highly durable. Our driveways come with an expected lifespan of 15 years or more! Unlike other driveway surfaces, resin bound systems are resistant to all weather conditions, all year round. Resin bound surfaces will not distort in the summer, freeze at winter or fade as a result of sunlight.


Permeable surface 

Due to the rise of urbanisation, SUDs compliance has become crucial to preventing floods in residential areas. Resin bound surfaces are 100% permeable, removing the risk of standing water. The surface allows the water to soak through and travel to appropriate surrounding areas.


Low maintenance driveway 

Resin driveways are a great low maintenance option. Unlike gravel driveways which require daily sweeping to bring the gravel back to place, all you need to do for a resin driveway to keep them looking great is simply give them a sweep when needed and the occasional power wash to get them looking good as new!


Attractive driveway

Resin bound gravel creates a gorgeous driveway finish. No loose stones and the ability to mix colours to create beautiful patterns means you can have the finish you desire.


UV resistant

Resin driveways are resistant to UV rays meaning they won’t discolour from the sunlight.